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Why Human Rights?

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WILD Programs

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Women's Leadership
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Young Women's Leadership Program
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Seeking to build youth leadership, Women's Institute for Leadership Development for Human Rights (Wild) provides both an empowering space for young women and girls to articulate their rights, and the skills training and support necessary for them to protect and promote their human rights.

WILD established a nine-member Youth Advisory Board (YAB) that consists of young women ages 17-24 from diverse Bay Area communities, who act as trainers and speakers on the relevance of human rights to the lives of young women and girls in the United States.

This year WILD will offer a workshop series for young women ages 15-22. Each workshop will focus on a different issue that affects our communities and us. These topics include health and well being, violence, economic justice, education and documentation of rights abuses. Participants will learn about gender and youth analyses, community activism, media access, and will work as a group to find empowering solutions.

WILD's Young Women's Leadership Program will also hold its first ever Young Women's Leadership Institute in the summer of 1999. This intensive week long institute will focus on building the skills, confidence and knowledge that young women need in order to actively participate in long-term social change movements.

The young women and girls that WILD supports also organize community collaborative and activist projects that aim to integrate human rights standards into local and national public policy and positively impact the relationship between young women and girls and the organizations, government agencies and advocates that impact their lives.

Current and upcoming actions include:

    • A girl-organized tribunal on discrimination of young women and girls in the San Francisco Bay Area
    • The formulation of a Girl's Health Fund allocations committee
    • Open dialogues between policy makers, service providers, funders and young women on the needs of young women in our communities
    • Targeted actions on timely issues such as affirmative action, bilingual education, welfare reform, juvenile justice system, and education reform.


If you have questions or would like more information on specific dates please contact

Kate Washburn @ 415 837-0795 [email protected]


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   For more information please contact:

WILD for Human Rights
340 Pine Street, Suite 302
San Francisco, CA 94104
Tel:  415-837-0795
Fax:  415-837-1144
[email protected]

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