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Why Human Rights?

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Women's Leadership
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An Agenda for Social Change

Improving the conditions in society that protect the dignity and humanity of all people is the fundamental principle of human rights. The full spectrum of human rights -- civil, political, economic, social and cultural -- are inalienable, indivisible and universal to all human beings. The responsibility to uphold these rights extends equally to individuals, organizations, corporations, and government institutions. 

While criticizing human rights abuses abroad, the United States has systematically fallen short of protecting these same rights within its own borders. Although the U.S. government has acknowledged that everyone must have civil and political rights, it has continued to deny that economic, social and cultural rights are fundamental human rights. 

Many of the abuses that women face are violations of their economic, social and cultural rights. In the United States, women and girls experience a range of human rights violations such as inadequate living standards, lack of access to health care, gender-biased education, and violence within their families, communities and by the state. Both the United States government and private actors should be held accountable to human rights standards.

WILD believes that through collaborations among direct service, policy and advocacy organizations, at a local, national and international level, we will have a greater impact on the negative conditions affecting women and girls. With a human rights framework, our response will be proactive, cohesive and long-term. By integrating human rights standards in our existing work, we will gain:

wpe3D.jpg (778 bytes)    A common framework for social and political change 

wpe3C.jpg (778 bytes)    A value system that is proactive rather than reactive to the
        Conservative Right

wpe3E.jpg (778 bytes)    Mechanisms to hold those in power accountable 

wpe3F.jpg (778 bytes)    An ability to transcend the single-issue approach

wpe40.jpg (778 bytes)    Minimum standards for human dignity

wpe41.jpg (778 bytes)    A comprehensive perspective that brings together diverse communities

wpe42.jpg (778 bytes)     A connection to the larger global women's rights movement


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